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CNC Signs

Dimensional custom CNC logos and 3D lettering as well as restoration panel inserts. Resurfacing, planing and refinishing can also be available on your old signs that need a face-lift.


REVERSE MOUNTED, CLEAR LEXAN PROTECTED FOR UNDERWATER USE   Underwater identity, equipment and name tags. Oyster rack identification tags with regulation requirements. Marker tags for Gooey Duck underwater boundary locations. Commercial scallop aquaculture tagging. Oyster fish farming signage and tagging needs. Shell fish tag printing  Fish farm security signage. Coast guard compliance decals, Ocean & …

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Docks & Mooring

Yep, even “slippery when wet” signage.  Why pay staff to put new signs up every year?  Use us and do it once! Long term solutions on all dock signage. Impact/Scrape resistant and abrasion proof. 

Vehicle Dash Replacement

“We replicate what no longer exists”   Classic and custom repairs free of cracks and damage.  We can also replicate vintage wood designed to an exact match of customers paneling. Corrosion proof electrical labels for boats and vessels available. VINTAGE WOOD REPLICATION

Boat Decals & Custom Boat Names

High quality long life custom boat lettering, decals and graphics. We also print boat registration numbers to specifications as required by Transport Canada. Tugs, transporters, buoys and tie-ups. Boat numbers often ready in as little as 45 minutes. 

Paint Booth Details

Boring details for the ‘Nosy’ We are the North Island’s only day & night rentable downdraft spray booth. Down forced air roof heating unit (950 thousand BTU) & massive floor tunnel with 3 hp. vacuum system. Over spray goes down into the tunnel, not end to end ‘over spray’ like most booths. OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE: …

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