Paint Booth Details

Boring details for the ‘Nosy’

We are the North Island’s only day & night rentable downdraft spray booth. Down forced air roof heating unit (950 thousand BTU) & massive floor tunnel with 3 hp. vacuum system. Over spray goes down into the tunnel, not end to end ‘over spray’ like most booths.


  • Drum
  • Solvent Disposal
  • 1/2” Air Hoses
  • Heated Make-Up Air
  • Negative Pressure Mixing Room
  • Compressed Air Filtration
  • Air Regulators/Dryers
  • Garbage Dumpster
  • Washroom with Eye-flush Station
  • Down Draft Automotive Spray Booth
  • Ceiling & Floor Filters
  • Paint Mixing Room
  • 3 Cylinder commercial compressor, & V-twin commercial backup compressor
  • Ceiling & Floor Filters
  • Paint Mixing Room