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Covid-19 Products

In order to protect customers as well as employees from Covid-19, CR Signs is offering Safe Interaction Shields with advising stickers.

Our Interaction Shield package helps to minimalize the spreading of Covid-19 and makes your company a safer place.



- Sneeze guard package



This is a link to the Novel Coronavirus Protection Sign examples we can produce for you with changes as you may require: http://crsigns.ca/pdfs/covid19examples.pdf

- Protection Signs

Visible interaction shields for your staff and customers, reminder decals, and warning signs are a great way to encourage even more attentive protection. Our sign production includes alerts like “Put on a mask” and “How to protect yourself from Covid-19” as well as Hand Hygiene and Social Distancing advices and Access Notices.

Our front counter Covid-19 universal package:

·  Interaction shield: 41 1/2 ” X 36” stand upright on its own

    - easy slide-in assembly feet, no glue needed

    - reach-through opening: 12” X 4”

·  Stickers:

    - 2 x Please Sanitize: 12” X 2”
    - Washroom for staff only: 19” X 6”

    - Footstep Position: 12” X 12”

    - Keep your distance adviser: 7” X 7”

    - Arrow adviser: 7” X 7”

    - Floor boundary mark tape: 50’

This is our Self Application Instruction: http://crsigns.ca/pdfs/customer_app.pdf