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 ?info  File Naming that makes life easy!
Let's assume you are sending us a file that you want executed as door decals, and you want three of them, and they need to fit in a space of 18" by 20".
This would be a great way to name the file:
Primary file name considerations:
Your company name
Project or site
The date you are sending us the file
Number of signs or vehicle make
Size if known
Keyword that will make sense to us and others in your company at later date

File naming secondary considerations:

Avoid special characters or spaces in a file name
Use capitals and underscores instead of periods or spaces or slashes
Use date format: eg: CompanyXYZLogoApr152020
Include a version number (CompanyXYZLogoV3Apr152020)

Elements to consider using in a naming convention are:
Short Description
Number of items required
Project name or number
Version number

Company Accounts Payable Office Manager's Contact Info:

 ?info  Estimated Lifespans

Digital Laminated
Economy 2-3 yrs
Intermediate 5 yrs
High Performance 8 yrs

Digital Not Laminated
Economy 2-3 yrs
Intermediate 3 yrs
High Performance 3 yrs

Cut Vinyl
Intermediate 5-7 yrs
High Performance 9-12 yrs

Lifetimes depend on location, exposure and treatment.
North facing signs last at least 2 times longer than south facing signs. In ALL cases UV inks are rated for 3 years, un-laminated. This is due to the pigment level being much lower that cut sign vinyl, therefor it will fade much faster. Intermediate vinyls are extruded materials, while high performance vinyls are cast liquid materials, which do noot shrink, due to not being stretched in manufacturing process.
For compound curves a cast material must be used.